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Dr. Jim Afremow discusses coaching youth sports through the eyes of a mental game coach. Our discussion focuses on the mental side and Dr. Jim gives tip to help your athletes with visualization and many other helpful tools to help your players get better

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Coach John O’Sullivan shares his youth coaching philosophies and how mental toughness is one of the most important skills we can teach our young players

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Jason explains a tool to help you better help your kids. it is designed to understand what each of your players thinks about their skills and then allows you to design your practices to help them get better at what they need

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David Doeren NC State Head Football Coach shares his journey coaching football, tips for better coaching and wonderful insight from a top football Coach

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Jason shares his thoughts about your best competition, who you should be comparing yourself to, to reach your potential 

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Cody Toppert former professional basketball player and current elite level basketball coach shares his vast basketball knowledge from his playing and coaching days.

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Jason discusses how as coaches we should model the behaviors and actions we want from our players

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