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Enabling Excellence starts with great communication between you and your players, parents and coaching staff. Without great communication kids learn nothing or the wrong thing and coaches get frustrated. Make sure you are communicating well by asking questions 

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Matt McKillop Davidson Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach shares growing up with, playing for and now coaching Davidson Basketball. We also Discuss Stephen Curry at Davidson and beyond

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The best way to enable excellence in others is to strive for it ourselves. If we are not learning and growing we are getting passed by. I discuss ways to be, become a lifelong learner and how to make it a part of your  life.

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Bobby Lutz one of the Top Basketball Minds in the Nation and Associate Head Coach at NC State passes along his vast knowledge of coaching through his extraordinary coaching career at all levels

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The Status Quo, the way things have always been done should be looked at regularly by coaches to make sure it is the best way. Challenge it with new ideas and conclude for yourself what really is the best way.

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Earl Grant Head Men Basketball Coach at The College of Charleston and former assistant coach shares his passion for teaching the game of life within the context of Division I Basketball

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I go over the positionless offense i run that includes no plays for kids 

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TJ Rosene Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Emmanuel College Director of PGC and a National Coach of the Year shares his journey growing up as a coach’s son and then becoming a head coach

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