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I talk about a way to better ourselves buy taking time to listen to ourselves to better understand how to improve our practices, games, ourselves

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Nathan Davis Head Coach Bucknell University and 2 time ODAC Coach of the Year shares his accumulated knowledge from the coaches he has coached with and his playing experience

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When is just one more to many? We as coaches should think about why we want one more and are we giving our kids proper instruction/ defining what we actually want.

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Sefu Bernard Teacher-Coach, Player Development Coach for the WNBA and NBA, previous Senior Director of Basketball operations NBA Asia, and former Canadian National Basketball team coach Shares his worldly basketball knowledge.

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Mark Adams Owner of Mark Adams Basketball, NBA Level Player Development Coach, Former Basketball Coach, and Whistle and a Clipboard original guest episode 40 shares more great basketball wisdom and insight

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Take a look at your coaching style, your coaching drills, your coaching demeanor, where did you learn it and is it the best way. Challenge your norms by looking at how others do it differently and decide for yourself is the way you’re doing things the best.

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Josh Merkel Head Coach Randolph-Macon College shares his coaching insight learned from being an assistant and playing for some great coaches

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Do we coach with the scoreboard in mind or do we coach with our players in mind. Process vs Outcome based coaching

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