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I review 2015 and preview what's new and exciting for 2016

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My thoughts on the Odell Beckham Jr suspension and how we as coaches can learn from his and Tom Coughlin mistakes

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Amanda Kephart Former D1 Collegiate Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Coach discuss general sports performance and how to help middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes gain a competitive advantage by getting faster, stronger, and more powerful.

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I discuss true greatness and how it’s a function of losing yourself in the activity that you’re doing. As hard as we try as coaches we cannot make anyone great. We can facilitate the opportunity but the desire to be great has to come from within.

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Kara Mark Adams wife talks about being a basketball coaches wife at the high school and college levels and as a player development coaches Wife. Kara also grew up in a household where he dad was a high school coach.

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What happens when you lose your voice, still have to coach and be a dad

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Mike Smith Author and Former Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons shares his 32 years of coaching experience in which communication which leads to collaboration has been key.

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We should find a mentor, we can talk to and is in the position we want to be in, if we can meet face to face its even better. We can also be mentored by people who we are not able to talk to by reading there books, listening to their podcast, and/or watching there videos. 

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Lin Dunn 2012 WNBA Champion Head Coach and Current Mentor to Professional and College Coaches shares her 44 years of head coaching experience at the NCAA and professional level

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