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Is coaching an art or a science, like anything it is neither exclusive but all the great coaches are artists able to weave the individuals together to create a masterpiece. Do you see yourself as an artist, scientist, or a mix?

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Tim Rodgers Assistant Basketball Coach at Saint Andrews University shares his passion for teaching his players on and off the court.

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I discuss how our perceptions as a coach effect our players based on a study in the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching

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Brianna Finch Women’s Head Coach at the University of New Mexico Highlands and former head and assistant at all levels across the world shares he knowledge and Love of the game of basketball

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We discuss Start With Why and the importance for coaches to begin with their why

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Can we coach our players to becoming more confident? What is confidence?

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Randy Brown Former Division I Head and Assistant Basketball Coach and founder of CoachRB.com Shares his 30+ years of coaching and passion for helping coaches around the world improve their ability to teach the game of basketball

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I review a blog post from Jan 5 2016 by Garret Kramer were he discusses the dual misunderstandings that unproductive behavior originates from

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Tom Kelsey Former Assistant to Don Meyer, NCAA Division I Assistant, and High School Head Coach shares his 27 years of coaching experience

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Between the Lines a book review podcast on Whistle and a Clipboard, reviews The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, the book that started Jason down the path that started the podcast

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I discuss how Jedi and Coaches are similar and how we as coaches can learn from Jedi traits

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