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Bonus podcast on leep day, a reflection on free time and free play

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Why are we focused on winning? As amateur coaches we should focus on the individual improvement of our player and then our team. If we do this wining will take care of itself.

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Dr. Tim Elmore Founder and President of Growing Leaders shares his experiences from over 35 years of helping coaches develop leaders in their programs

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Are thoughts are not a reflection of the circumstance; our circumstances are a reflection of our thoughts. How we perceive what happens to us and around us is function of our thinking. The simple realization that our thinking creates our feelings can help us to realize we are born with the ability to self-correct.

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Allen Whitehart former High School Basketball Coach who Lead Two Separate Programs to the State Finals but more importantly helped several young men continue the education who may not have otherwise had the chance

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How to take your team from Good to Great, three concepts that all coaches should translate to their programs, Level 5 leadership, the Hedgehog, and the Stockdale Principal

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We all need to take risks, put ourselves out there even if we think we cannot do it. We should Just Do It or Do it Anyway. How many opportunities have we not taken because we were afraid to fail? How many times have we not asked the question because we were afraid to fail? It’s time to stop worrying about the outcome and Just Do It.

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Russ Bergman Legendary Basketball Coach with over 45 years of coaching in the colligate and professional ranks in the US and abroad shares stories and wisdom from his days of playing with Pistol Pete Maravich to coaching in the Soviet Union

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Our perceptions create our reality. It our thoughts about what going on around us that makes it good or bad not what’s happening. As coaches, if we can help our players with this understanding this, it will free them up to become their best removing circumstance from the equation realizing thought is what creates our reality.

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Jeremy Russotti Founder of Prolific Prep Academy and CEO of Global Sports Innovation, which includes inventions such as J-Glove, J-Strap, O-Bands, V-Bands, Millennium Series DVDs, Founder of Green Room Training, LLC and Creator of Skill Training U - online training curriculum shares basketball success and failure

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We discuss Jon Gordon and Mike Smith’s book You Win in the Locker Room First and how coaches can use the 7 C's to build winning teams in business sports and life

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