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Mental toughness has nothing to do with toughness it is an understanding that allows us to carry on listen to the podcast for more

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James Kerr Best Selling Author Speaker and Business Consultant who specializes in defining, designing and delivering change for leaders of world-class teams and originations shares his knowledge from spending time with the All Blacks and other championship origination to help coaches enable excellence within their programs.

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Can get past the fear of NO when asking a question, it may take 10, 50, even 100, but we will get a yes and that is the belief we must have to succeed

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David Anderson Owner and Head Coach of Foundation Academy Basketball Development Group and Point3 Alpha shares his beliefs on how it takes a village to raise Kid no matter what they choose to do.

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We Discuss Legacy, 15 Lessons in Leadership by James Kerr and how it directly applies to creating a championship enviroment for players and coaches

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I discuss an occurrence and how it is a tragedy for one and a wake-up call for another. Circumstances are neutral it is our thoughts that create our feeling and we live in the feeling of our thinking. I relate it to coaching our players and our thinking as coaches.

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Romeo De La Garza Head Boys Basketball Coach, Point3 Alpha, and Ganon Baker Basketball Level2 Trainer shares his coaching life and consistent striving for improvement on and off the court

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We as coaches need to recognize our weaknesses and find others to with our philosophy to fill those voids, whose strengths are our weaknesses

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Braderious Martin Owner and Founder of EYASports, Point3 Alpha, and Infinte Skillz Basketball Club Head Coach shares his passion for connecting with kids to elevate them to and beyond their goals

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Drive, the Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us By Daniel H Pink. We go between the lines of drive and how we can us the information to help our players and teams get better. Motivation for any team is key, and self-motivated teams become champions. Drive helps us to understand intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. We also discuss rewards and punishment motivation and how it really doesn’t work and usually get you more of what you don’t want. Finally we dive into Purpose which is the ultimate motivator.

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I have never met a kid/player who intentionally made a mistake. If a player makes an error because of lack of effort that is different but should we really punish mistakes?

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