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Important lessons from the 6,7,8 yr olds I coach. it’s important to realize that success is not about wins and losses but about the kids having fun, getting better, and playing again next year. It’s not about us its about the kids

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Reed Maltbie Executive director of STAR Soccer Club, TEDX speaker, and leader of Predator Prep Goal Scoring Academy shares how communication is a huge component of youth sports and ways for us to do it better

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There are all different styles of coaching, what is your style and is it the best to get the most out of your players. Your call

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Joe Barth Jr. The Hit Doctor and coach of the Tri-State Arsenal shares his many years of coaching baseball and teaching hitting

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Stillpower the clarity of mind to live with freedom and ease; the inner source of athletic excellence- Garrett Kramer, we discuss this paradigm shift and how to use this understanding to enable excellence in our players

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Chase Jones of Vs Cancer and I discuss Vs Cancer and how it is helping to fight cancer and letting kids be kids while fighting cancer

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Garry Joe Burgos head of Puerto Rico Point Guard Academy a Master of Skills and a Basketball Artist shares his knowledge from playing as a professional and coaching all ages

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Your superpower is made up of unique traits that give you an unfair advantage. Listen to find a way to find your superpower.

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Darnell Ford founder and owner of My Sky Elite a basketball skill development company and Point3 Alpha shares his philosophy that our sky is limitless and how things happen for a reason

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We review the book know yourself and a Coach by Denny Kuiper which goes beyond the mechanics of coaching and challenges the reader to think about who you are as a coach

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