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What are your intentions when entering into a conversation? If you don’t have one your probably in the appease or understood category. We as coaches need to live in the Understand and Insight to truly be great

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Ron Foxcroft Chairman, Founder and CEO of Fox 40 International, a former basketball referee and creator of the Fox40 whistle shares his experiences with coaches as a referee and coaching other referees

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A discussion of the book Clarity by Jamie Smart, relating it to coaching and how we as coaches the understanding will help our players on and off the playing surface

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Its time to Stand United, its not time to take a knee. We as Coaches need to affect live by taking a stand with our fellow coaches to stop the senseless violence and division in our country. Between Oct 8-15 lets stand as one, together for the national anthem

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Pete Aycock Former High School Boys and Girls Basketball Coach and Principal with over 460 wins shares his desire to continue to make the game better

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5 New ideas to implement into your program from the speakers at PGC/Glazier Cliinic

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Why should we attend clinics? The 2 main reasons I go and you should go too

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Len West Georgia High School Basketball Coaching Legend shares his many stories and insights from 30 years of coaching HS and college basketball

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What is your intent, with anything you do? Do you know why you’re doing what you’re doing and can you articulate it to your players? Take a moment to examine your practices, your drills and ask the question, What is the Intent of this ______?

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Denny Kuiper Special Assistant to Shaka Smart at the University of Texas, Sports Communication Consultant, and Author shares his 30 years of coaching players and coaches

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A discussion of the book by Greg McKeown related to coaching and the idea of Less but Better, what are we doing at practice the we should eliminate

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The number on way to clutter your mind is to try to control your thinking. It is not possible our thoughts ebb and flow, it is this understanding that will allow us to self-correct.

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