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2016 Year in Review, it started with episode 111 with Tom Kelsey, we started BTL episodes, the book discussion podcasts, and had a great year with steady growth

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Practice isn't to prove your abilities it's to improve your ability. How can we as coaches create an environment where are players are free to practice ugly?

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Dr. Wade Gilbert is an award-winning professor and internationally renowned coaching scientist in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fresno. Wade has more than 20 years of experience in conducting applied research with coaches around the world spanning all sports and competitive levels, from youth leagues to the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. Gilbert is Editor-in-Chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal and is a regular contributor to coaching seminars for Olympic and national team coaches in the United States and Canada.

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Tough situations come up with parents and player’s, how we handle them as coaches is critical to our team and the players growth. In this episode I discuss a player moving to another team and some things that should be taken into consideration by the Coach, Parent, and how it affects the most important part of the equation the player

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Go Between the lines of What Drive Winning by Brett Ledbetter we discuss the book, the characteristics of winning, and where they originate

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Fear is a Fundamental Perception that Keeps us From…. asking the question, taking the chance, wiritng,speaking ect

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LeVelle Moton Head Basketball Coach at NCCU shares his passion to develop kids into complete people on and off the cour

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Learning to deal with adversity is a skill we as parents are taking away from our kids. Failure is not a bad thing, stop trying to protect

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Aaron Roussell Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Bucknell shares his process approach to continuous improvement

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It is time we all ignite our goals. Let’s set them on fire and move towards standards we can control not based on outcomes. Listen and learn more…

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