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The third in the three part discussion of how to bridge the gap between High School and AAU

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With all the things we hear about leaders and leadership what is the truth?

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Listen to High School, AAU coaches and Professional Skill trainers discuss Basketball, how to grow and make the game better episode 2 of 3

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How should we start our day? Does it really make a difference?

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Listen to High school, AAU coaches and Professional Skill trainers discuss Basketball, how to grow and make the game better episode 1 of 3

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Are you looking for a book or list of book to read in 2018? Check out what I read in 2017 and see if anything sparks an interest for you.

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Pretending to act or having to feel a certain way, is not the way to your best performance

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Zach Dechant Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at TCU who oversees Baseball shares the regrets of putting off starting and the pleasure of watching boys develop into men

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Sports has played a big part in my holidays. As we approach Thanksgiving lets take some time to thank thoes who have helped us get to where we are today.

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I got my first techinical foul. Our we creating to many rules?

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Pam Herath Director of Curriculum & Programming for Strive and former HS Coach and AD sharing how self-awareness is the key to our success on and off the field of play

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Our team’s believe they know what they need to succeed, a lot of the time we have to give them what they want within what they need

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Steve Fitzgerald 25yr Head HS Basketball Coach shares how growth is the key to success as an individual, team, and program. It's a Process.

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Good Decisions are a byproduct of two things. Listen to find out what they are and maybe you can discover yours.

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Andrew Lacey Head Basketball Coach Varina HS shares how he has learned success is not a destination but helping your players grow on and off the court

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Our perspective can help is to understand how we are looking at a situation and being able to see the other perspective can allow us to self correct if needed

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Mandy Green Head Soccer Coach at The University of South Dakota & Founder of Busy Coach shares how persistence and self-evaluation can help you and your team succeed

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Have you truly evaluated your schedule and looked for the best time to put in extra work? We all have 24hrs a day, its how we choose to use them.

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Theresa Beeckman 20yr Volleyball Coach and Tree Roost President and Founder shares her passion for helping players and coaches find their way of doing things

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Jed Moore Head Rodeo Coach CNCC and Former Professional Bull Rider shares his process driven approach to coaching his athletes and Goat Tying

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Jamie Smart Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Coach, and Mentor shares how the Inside out psychological principals will help us be better coaches

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Vision is a skill not taught by many coaches. How can we teach our player to anticipate what's coming next with respect to their teammates and the defense?

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James and I discuss the book, basketball, life and a few rules for both

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As coaches we can help stomp out racism by talking about it with our teams and players. What can and are you doing to stop perpetuating racism in our communities?

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Brian Hoberecht Head Coach Kilgore College shares how staying true to you will help you succeed

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How do we get better?How do we know if we are ready for the next level? How can we get ready for the nex better opportunity?

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Let's chase Better not perfection. Listen and then ask yourself what do I want to chase?

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Matt Daniel Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Marshall University and Owner of the Home of Higher Hoops shares how its all about relationships

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Do you get or stay prepared. There are different events that require different levels.

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Jamy Bechler Author, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, and Former Head Women’s Collegiate Basketball Coach shares excellence is a habit and our focus today shows up in our success tomorrow.

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Why are we looking for the next play? The magic bullet is not out there its within you and your team

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Alan Major Former DI Head Basketball Coach shares his coaching knowledge and challenges

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If you look at your time from an 80/20 perspective what should you be spending your time on to get the best return on your investment?

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Michael Mosley Assistant Basketball Coach at North Carolina Wesleyan shares a life long passion for coaching and helping his players find Their way

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Discussing Charlottesville and difficult issues or events with your team

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Rob Miller Proactive Coaching LLC shares the ability as coaches to intentionally affect our player's lives thru sports

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Do you try to out plays the other Coach or do you out teach them before you get to the game? Managers plays the game, Coaches teach the game.

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Brad Barbarick Head Basketball Coach Concorida University shares how building relationships helped him work camps for John Wooden and become a Head Coach

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Most of us think we are doing things the right way because we have stolen from other coaches or assume that's how they did it. If you think your great, don't listen to this podcast and keep sucking.

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Bill Patton Head Tennis Coach and Instructor for 29 Years shares his love of helping those he coaches reach places they thought impossible

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If we step back and listen to how we talk to ourselves what is it telling us? Listen to find out more.

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Ido Singer Head Women’s Coach Fisher College shares his passion for making a difference in being what his players needs him to be

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We as figures of authority have influence over our players, but if we expect something from them we better be willing to act the same.

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John and I discuss teaching the inside game and understanding your players

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What kind of culture are we creating when it comes to mistakes and errors? Are we teaching our players to avoid errors or embrace them?

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To many of us focus on the short term results without knowing how they fit into the long term or focus on long term results and disregard the short term. Which are you?

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Brandon Rosenthal Norther Arizona Suns Assistant Coach gives his unique perspective from choosing a college because he wanted to become a coach to being a professional assistant

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Lason and Jason discuss the main takeaways from the clinic and the speakers, LeVelle Moton, Kevin Eastman, and Alan Major

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With the knowledge of the possibility of coaching a professional athlete how are you going to adjust your coaching methods and practices?

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We discuss NCRC2017 some takeaways and the conversations outside of the speeches

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We discuss pats lifelong love of sport and involvement in the games, his latest book, The Success Intersection, and the impact of coaches

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Go to a conference to learn but more importantly to build relationships with likeminded people and/or people in your area of interest

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Kids don’t quit sport the quit coaches. What you say, take a listen and let me know what you think.

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We recruit in every aspect of our lives and it is a skill we need to be aware of and improve upon it just like we would improve upon any other skill

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What is your focus when coaching your players, creating professional players or professional humans. What impact are you trying to make? This podcast will make you think.

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What is the most neglected thing in coaching? I'll share it with you and talk about some ways to make a change.

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What are you working for? What is your why, why are you doing what you’re doing? Are you going to work every day thinking, I deserve more for what I’m doing? Are you giving your best every day or are you in some way holding back?

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David Severns Player Development Coach with The LA Clippers shares his love for basketball and creating relationships with the players helping them to become their best

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There is no such thing as muscle memory, your muscles have two abilities to contract and relax, build mental models

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Change is something that is constant and consistently in our lives. We can either choose to embrace Change or hide from it. WE can learn and grow or continue to stay comfortable in our same routines. Is Change your friend or foe?

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Pete Van Mullem Professor, Former College and High School Basketball Coach shares his insight gained from the basketball court to the collegiate classroom

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Dan Spainhour 34 Year High School and College Coach, Founder of The Leadership Publishing Team, and Curator of the Coaching and Leadership Journal shares with us a processed approach to success thru simplification

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Marque Carrington Long Time HS Head Basketball Coach shares his insights into coaching but we also discuss his upcoming 2017 Key to Success Clinic May 6

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Very few of us actually have real conversations. We listen to appease or be understood. If we would listen to understand or for insight we would find solutions much better, Megan Phelps-Roper inspired this podcast on how to have real conversations.

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Jon Giesbrecht Assistant Coach Winnipeg Wesmen Men’s Basketball brings experience from all levels, including work with youth, high school, university, national team, and professional players to help us enable excellence in our players

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Tim has something to share that we all need to hear, Hopefully it help you to be the best where you are

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Winning is the wrong focus for coaches who are not in professional sports. What are we teaching kids when in the name of winning, we bend the rules? How will that ripple out later in life?

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Troy Culley Academy Coach Myerscough Academy Basketball and England National Team Coach shares his knowledge and journey from volunteer to academy head coach

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F the take sign, trust your players to make the correct decision because you have taught them the difference between a ball and a strike

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John Peterson California Regional Manager for Shoot 360 and 24 year Collegiate Basketball Coach shares his unique perspective on basketball and life

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We discuss the book The Perfect Pass by S.C. Gwynne the story of Hal Mumme, his reinvention of football and how that translates to coaches from all sports

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Chris Mast Founder of Lean Basketball Analytics LLC, share his passion for applying analytics to basketball personal decisions

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How to help your players find their ideal swing-effort leading to the best opportunity to put the bat on the ball and hit it a long way

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Jeremy Sheetinger ABCA College Division Liaison and Former College Baseball Coach shares his passion for creating an impact way beyond himself

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Geno Auriemma's video on body language and UConn's standards sparked this conversation about body language and how it is perceived

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Tanner Massey Erie Bayhawks NBDL assistant coach shares his 10 year journey from manager to assistant coach

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Hitting the baseball is a function or rhythm and timing, how can we teach our players this? My thoughts

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Chris Hungerford CEO HoopsKing.com Teacher and Coach shares his love of learning and understanding we can always learn something

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We discuss the book Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath and how coaches need to use sticky ideas to help the teams perform their best

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What plane should you really swing the bat on to get the best contact with the baseball? What did you learn vs what should it be?

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JJ Jimenez Founder of National Fastpitch Prospects and Head Softball Coach shares his desire to help his athletes reach the next level for them

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I discuss Approach BP, which was introduced to me by Kevin Wilson. It has made a huge difference in my players ability to hit the baseball and gave us a new way to discuss pitches and hitting.

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What is the one truth in Life... Death. Is it holding you back? My thoughts

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Chris Fore Special Teams Coordinator at Victor Valley College and an English Special Education Teacher, shares his love of learning and creating relationships with his players on and off the field

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We are discussing the basics of hitting, stance timing and the proper sequence prior to the bat making contact with the ball

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Chris Pineda Former All-American Colligate Athlete and Arbinger Institute Client Solutions Specialist shares his Arbinger and conflict resolution specialties with respect to coaching

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Coaching baseball how we learned or using the best information to help our players succeed. The next Friday series of podcasts outlined for you to let me know if you want to hear the subject or not.

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Terry Battenberg Lifetime Basketball Coach and Master Teacher of Post Play and the Fast Break shares over 30 years of coaching experience learning from and helping other coaches

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A discussion of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck the new psychology of success and how mindset play a role in coaching, performance, and sports

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People dont differ in their desire to succeed they differ in ... my thoughts on what makes a difference in success for everyone

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Tim Banos Host of The Baseball Drive Podcast and member of The Cannonball Foundation shares his coaching insight from coaching college and club level baseball along with hosting the podcast

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Dan Tudor and I discuss recruiting issues and other topics for college and high school coaches

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Perfect is a fixed mindset word which holds people back. Perfect says we don’t want mistakes and we learn and grow through mistakes not trying to avoid them

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Conor Stokes Entrepreneur currently with UHWK, Former Professional Hockey Player, and Former High School and Skill Development Coach shares his insights from playing coaching and now developing Technology to help players.

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BTL25 Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson a discussion of the book and its application to coaching

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Its not What We Achieve but What We Become, its about the process and how it shapes us and improves us not an outcome

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Dr. Irwin Hudson Owner and Head Skill Development Coach at O’Hoops shares his journey since episode 80 and some things he has learned since then

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We as Coaches overcomplicate thing and add way more thought to our players than we need too. Listen to this podcast to learn more about simplifying your coaching

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Corey Chamblin Former CFL Head Coach shares his thoughts on coaching professionals and youth and the importance of connecting with other coaches

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Go Between the lines of Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute we discuss the book applying it to coaching and all aspects of our lives

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