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We are discussing the basics of hitting, stance timing and the proper sequence prior to the bat making contact with the ball

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Chris Pineda Former All-American Colligate Athlete and Arbinger Institute Client Solutions Specialist shares his Arbinger and conflict resolution specialties with respect to coaching

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Coaching baseball how we learned or using the best information to help our players succeed. The next Friday series of podcasts outlined for you to let me know if you want to hear the subject or not.

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Terry Battenberg Lifetime Basketball Coach and Master Teacher of Post Play and the Fast Break shares over 30 years of coaching experience learning from and helping other coaches

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A discussion of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck the new psychology of success and how mindset play a role in coaching, performance, and sports

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People dont differ in their desire to succeed they differ in ... my thoughts on what makes a difference in success for everyone

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Tim Banos Host of The Baseball Drive Podcast and member of The Cannonball Foundation shares his coaching insight from coaching college and club level baseball along with hosting the podcast

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Dan Tudor and I discuss recruiting issues and other topics for college and high school coaches

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Perfect is a fixed mindset word which holds people back. Perfect says we don’t want mistakes and we learn and grow through mistakes not trying to avoid them

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Conor Stokes Entrepreneur currently with UHWK, Former Professional Hockey Player, and Former High School and Skill Development Coach shares his insights from playing coaching and now developing Technology to help players.

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