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Very few of us actually have real conversations. We listen to appease or be understood. If we would listen to understand or for insight we would find solutions much better, Megan Phelps-Roper inspired this podcast on how to have real conversations.

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Jon Giesbrecht Assistant Coach Winnipeg Wesmen Men’s Basketball brings experience from all levels, including work with youth, high school, university, national team, and professional players to help us enable excellence in our players

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Tim has something to share that we all need to hear, Hopefully it help you to be the best where you are

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Winning is the wrong focus for coaches who are not in professional sports. What are we teaching kids when in the name of winning, we bend the rules? How will that ripple out later in life?

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Troy Culley Academy Coach Myerscough Academy Basketball and England National Team Coach shares his knowledge and journey from volunteer to academy head coach

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F the take sign, trust your players to make the correct decision because you have taught them the difference between a ball and a strike

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John Peterson California Regional Manager for Shoot 360 and 24 year Collegiate Basketball Coach shares his unique perspective on basketball and life

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We discuss the book The Perfect Pass by S.C. Gwynne the story of Hal Mumme, his reinvention of football and how that translates to coaches from all sports

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Chris Mast Founder of Lean Basketball Analytics LLC, share his passion for applying analytics to basketball personal decisions

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