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We recruit in every aspect of our lives and it is a skill we need to be aware of and improve upon it just like we would improve upon any other skill

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What is your focus when coaching your players, creating professional players or professional humans. What impact are you trying to make? This podcast will make you think.

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What is the most neglected thing in coaching? I'll share it with you and talk about some ways to make a change.

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What are you working for? What is your why, why are you doing what you’re doing? Are you going to work every day thinking, I deserve more for what I’m doing? Are you giving your best every day or are you in some way holding back?

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David Severns Player Development Coach with The LA Clippers shares his love for basketball and creating relationships with the players helping them to become their best

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There is no such thing as muscle memory, your muscles have two abilities to contract and relax, build mental models

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Change is something that is constant and consistently in our lives. We can either choose to embrace Change or hide from it. WE can learn and grow or continue to stay comfortable in our same routines. Is Change your friend or foe?

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Pete Van Mullem Professor, Former College and High School Basketball Coach shares his insight gained from the basketball court to the collegiate classroom

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Dan Spainhour 34 Year High School and College Coach, Founder of The Leadership Publishing Team, and Curator of the Coaching and Leadership Journal shares with us a processed approach to success thru simplification

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Marque Carrington Long Time HS Head Basketball Coach shares his insights into coaching but we also discuss his upcoming 2017 Key to Success Clinic May 6

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