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If we step back and listen to how we talk to ourselves what is it telling us? Listen to find out more.

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Ido Singer Head Women’s Coach Fisher College shares his passion for making a difference in being what his players needs him to be

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We as figures of authority have influence over our players, but if we expect something from them we better be willing to act the same.

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John and I discuss teaching the inside game and understanding your players

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What kind of culture are we creating when it comes to mistakes and errors? Are we teaching our players to avoid errors or embrace them?

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To many of us focus on the short term results without knowing how they fit into the long term or focus on long term results and disregard the short term. Which are you?

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Brandon Rosenthal Norther Arizona Suns Assistant Coach gives his unique perspective from choosing a college because he wanted to become a coach to being a professional assistant

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