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As coaches we can help stomp out racism by talking about it with our teams and players. What can and are you doing to stop perpetuating racism in our communities?

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Brian Hoberecht Head Coach Kilgore College shares how staying true to you will help you succeed

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How do we get better?How do we know if we are ready for the next level? How can we get ready for the nex better opportunity?

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Let's chase Better not perfection. Listen and then ask yourself what do I want to chase?

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Matt Daniel Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Marshall University and Owner of the Home of Higher Hoops shares how its all about relationships

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Do you get or stay prepared. There are different events that require different levels.

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Jamy Bechler Author, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, and Former Head Women’s Collegiate Basketball Coach shares excellence is a habit and our focus today shows up in our success tomorrow.

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Why are we looking for the next play? The magic bullet is not out there its within you and your team

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