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Is Death holding you back? Are you afraid to live for fear of dying? My thoughts

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Steve Collins The Porch Dog Head Coach at Madison Memorial and President and CEO of TeachHoops.com shares wisdom gained from coaching and teaching for over 30 years

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Are you making coaching about you? It’s about your players, it’s not about us.

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Shelby Turcotte Founder and CEO of the Basketball Coaching Academy and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Shelby Trained shares how to use all the time you have with your players to gain an advantage

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Jason Oates Coach and Creator and Host of Whistle and a Clipboard shares his answers to the question thru the eyes of a coach with 60+ season of coaching multiple sports and all ages plus having interviewed 225 others

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Everyone is born an original but to many die a copy – Abraham Lincoln

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Mason Waters Flagler College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach shares how a coach can have a huge impact off the court as well as on the court

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We learn more from failure than success. We should encourage mistakes, better said Support Risk within our teams at practice and even games. For a better explanation have a listen

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George Lynch Head Coach Clark Atlanta University and former NBA Player shares how work ethic can take you from where you are to where you want to go

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Our interpretation of words gives them meaning, if not they are just a sequence of letters. Have you shared the meaning of the words you use with your players/employees?

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Daniel Lawrence Head Lacrosse Coach and Assistant Athletic Director SUNY Maritime College shares how he tries to make a difference in the world one day at a time

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What mindset do you have? Which is the best? Do you need a specific mindset to succeed? My Thoughts

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Chris Oliver Head Coach University of Windsor and Founder of Basketball Immersion shares his love for seeing people grow and improve

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Chad Warner Head Basketball Coach Flagler College shares how he teaches his player to compete on the court but not in relationships

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Have you thought about your objective when have a conversation? If our goal is to get it right v being right we will come to better conclusions for all. Listen for more

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Matt Grahn Recruiting Coordinator for the University of Dallas and an Assistant Basketball Coach for the University of Dallas sharing how its ok to make mistakes just don’t make the mistake a habit.

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Adam Trausch Head Cross Country and Track and Field Coach at Lyon College shares how he continues to learn and improve every day, especially as a coach of a new program.

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How do you define Success? What makes something successful? Is it an outcome? Is it a process? Listen for more

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August F Turak Award Winning Author, Speaker, and Consultant shares how much of his success comes from the lessons he has learned living and working alongside the Monks of Mepkin Abbey

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Most are looking at others to borrow from to create something similar; The Better is in the difference

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Cory Weissman Former DIII Basketball Player and Stroke Survivor shares his story of recovery from a catastrophic stroke at 19 to play in his final game as a senior

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The military model is not for business or sport. Listen to learn more and to see if you agree or disagree.

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Patrick Grandmaitre Head Coach University of Ottawa Men's Hockey sharing how being present at the present moment helps us both on the ice and in daily life

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Gibson and I are riding back from a coaching camp discussing Basketball and current coaching topics

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Gibson and I are riding back from a coaching camp discussing Basketball and current coaching topics

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Take time to evaluate new thoughts and ideas “Get Curious” to see if you should incorporate them into what you do.

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Rob Hewitt Co-Head Coach Earlham College Cross Country & Track encourages us to be advocates for our athletes and to teach in a classroom to better understand how to teach our athletes

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Kevin Eastman Author,Corporate and Sports Team Speaker, Former Collegiate and NBA Coach shares over insights from over 40 years in the game of basketball and studying why the best are the best

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When you simplify Culture it becomes the habits we allow and the habits we encourage

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Change, it's the little things that make the difference. We don’t need to change for changes sake but if we don’t evaluate ourselves we wont know what to change to get better.

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We spend too much time trying to be perfect. Improvement happens when we stretch ourselves and fail. "Practice Ugly" Especially when it comes to skill development

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Jhasmin Player Assistant Coach/ Recruiting Coordinator University of Maine and Former Professional Basketball Player shares her story because it’s not hers to hoard

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Which is best, short instructions or long instructions? Dive into this episode to learn more.

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Mike Michalowicz Author, Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker shares his unique insight from business to sports and how being different is better

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Compete, one word to help your players and team understand about giving their all

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Tyler Brandt 7 Second Coach Creator with 30 Years of Coaching Experience shares how understanding is critical between player and coach

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What are your coaching principles? Have you communicated them to you team? Listen for more

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Trust is it something we are automatically given and the erode or strengthen over time, or is trust earned over time?

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Steve Ingham Director of Supporting Champions and Former director of Science and Technology for Team Great Britain and Paralympics Great Britain shares how “Get Curious” can help all coaches.

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Pat Williams, Senior Vice president of the Orlando Magic, and I discuss his new book, Forgotten Teams, about John Wooden's Summer camps and the impact they had on the participants

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How do days help our players move forward?

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Liam Carroll Head Baseball Coach Great Britain National Team shares his passion for inspiring players to develop and perform at the game of baseball

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Follow your dreams, they change. What do we do with our old dreams?

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Kevin Wilson President of KWBaseball and Hitting/Life Coach to Professional Baseball Players discuss Changes over the last 3 years, Hitting, Principals, and the Player Development Vault

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The clinic is open. Learn about its origin, the presenters, and the charity it will benifit

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Don't be a Life Long Learner, become this " " listen to the podcast to find out

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Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown shares out of the box thinking and how it can help you as a coach

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Do we need to be tough or hard to succeed? Have you truly though about it? Listen and let me know.

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Shelby Turcotte Founder and CEO of the Basketball Coaching Academy and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Shelby Trained shares how coaching is about helping others find their path and helping them beyond their original destination

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The formula for success is simple but its takes time and effort to figure it out. Listen to learn the formula and apply it to your team.

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Paul Biancardi ESPN National Recruiting Director and former Basketball Coach at all levels shares his 30 year love affair with basketball coaching, recruiting, and playing

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Logan Dahms University of Arkansas Little Rock Director of Basketball Operations and former Golden State and Santa Cruz Warrior analytics analyst shares his thoughts on coaching along with many other aspects of basketball

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Confidence is the second most used and misunderstood word at the 2018 Winter Olympics, find out why

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Sam Jarman PGA Golf Professional, Coach and Author shares insight into the Inside-Out paradigm how it has affected him and those he coaches

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The most overused word at the Winter Olympics, pressure. Are we using this word correctly? Have we given this word a power it doesn’t deserve? Listen and ask yourself.

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Michael Dariano Creator of The Waiters Pad Blog where its about learning from others shares how doing the difficult and favoring the simple will help you get better

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What is your coaching style? How does it effect your players performance? I discuss the 3 coaching styles and which is best for our players to perform their best.

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Tyler Gillum Head Coach Savannah Bananas and Assistant Coach South Mountain Community College shares how coaching is more guided discovery than telling

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Perfection is the death of Greatness- Justin Timberlake Inspired these thoughts about what we ask from our players.

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I answer your questions regarding the previous podcast and go more in depth with regards to uncoachable kids.

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To think that somehow uncoachable kids become unemployable adults a coach problem not a Kid problem. Nothing is fixed.

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"Whether you think you can or you can't you're probably right" -Henry Ford. How does this quote apply to us, our players, our staff and all those involved in our program?

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Will Rey 41 Years a Basketball Coach and Current AD and Head Basketball Coach at Northridge High shares the wisdom he's gained from coaching D1 to High School

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Have you set goals for 2018? Have you taken a deep dive to understand why? Listen and maybe you will look further.

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LeVar Johnson Motivational Doer, Success Coach and Former Middle Linebacker at Duke University shares how we can stretch ourselves and others to greatness

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