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Confidence is the second most used and misunderstood word at the 2018 Winter Olympics, find out why

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Sam Jarman PGA Golf Professional, Coach and Author shares insight into the Inside-Out paradigm how it has affected him and those he coaches

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The most overused word at the Winter Olympics, pressure. Are we using this word correctly? Have we given this word a power it doesn’t deserve? Listen and ask yourself.

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Michael Dariano Creator of The Waiters Pad Blog where its about learning from others shares how doing the difficult and favoring the simple will help you get better

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What is your coaching style? How does it effect your players performance? I discuss the 3 coaching styles and which is best for our players to perform their best.

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Tyler Gillum Head Coach Savannah Bananas and Assistant Coach South Mountain Community College shares how coaching is more guided discovery than telling

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Perfection is the death of Greatness- Justin Timberlake Inspired these thoughts about what we ask from our players.

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