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Matt Grahn Recruiting Coordinator for the University of Dallas and an Assistant Basketball Coach for the University of Dallas sharing how its ok to make mistakes just don’t make the mistake a habit.

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Adam Trausch Head Cross Country and Track and Field Coach at Lyon College shares how he continues to learn and improve every day, especially as a coach of a new program.

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How do you define Success? What makes something successful? Is it an outcome? Is it a process? Listen for more

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August F Turak Award Winning Author, Speaker, and Consultant shares how much of his success comes from the lessons he has learned living and working alongside the Monks of Mepkin Abbey

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Most are looking at others to borrow from to create something similar; The Better is in the difference

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Cory Weissman Former DIII Basketball Player and Stroke Survivor shares his story of recovery from a catastrophic stroke at 19 to play in his final game as a senior

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