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Mason Waters Flagler College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach shares how a coach can have a huge impact off the court as well as on the court

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We learn more from failure than success. We should encourage mistakes, better said Support Risk within our teams at practice and even games. For a better explanation have a listen

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George Lynch Head Coach Clark Atlanta University and former NBA Player shares how work ethic can take you from where you are to where you want to go

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Our interpretation of words gives them meaning, if not they are just a sequence of letters. Have you shared the meaning of the words you use with your players/employees?

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Daniel Lawrence Head Lacrosse Coach and Assistant Athletic Director SUNY Maritime College shares how he tries to make a difference in the world one day at a time

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What mindset do you have? Which is the best? Do you need a specific mindset to succeed? My Thoughts

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Chris Oliver Head Coach University of Windsor and Founder of Basketball Immersion shares his love for seeing people grow and improve

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Chad Warner Head Basketball Coach Flagler College shares how he teaches his player to compete on the court but not in relationships

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Have you thought about your objective when have a conversation? If our goal is to get it right v being right we will come to better conclusions for all. Listen for more

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