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Life long learning is a big part of our success and some of us are doing it wrong. Listen to find out how to improve your results from your learning.

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Is there something incomplete from 2019? Is there something you want to accomplish in 2020? I can help you get there if that is truly where you should go. Lets have a conversation. Let me share the knowledge I have gained from all the amazing people i have interviewed. 

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I take a look at the origin of different sport and the meanings that have been placed on sport

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Everyone talks about how culture is the key to a winning team, I dive into why I think connection is even more important

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How do your beliefs affect your experience of life? If you want different results what should we do with our beliefs? 

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Depending on what perspective you have will dictate what you understand the author to mean from this poem. I explore the outside in and INside out perspectives.

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Bill Burniston Head Strength Coach Carolina Hurricanes shares his experiences over the last 5 years since episode #5

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We have a model of what we think we are and what we aspire to become, are either correct? Where does this originate?

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A short podcast discussing past success and its effect on your current team. Can it be recreated? How do the past factors effect today?

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We all want to be masters, yet sometimes we don't see others possibilities or our own. a few thoughts on KungFu Panda and coaches

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How you coach leads can have an impact on your players. Are you real or are you filling a role? 

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Where are you looking to help your team be the most successful? Schedule a call if you want to explore it from a different view. https://calendly.com/jasonhoates/20-min-coaching-session

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Help me get to 1000 coaching session in the next 500 days. It will only cost you 20 minutes. Thanks in advance https://calendly.com/jasonhoates/20-min-coaching-session

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Sam and I explore his deeper understanding of the principals its effect on himself and the people he coaches

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Mandy Sansbury Head Softball Coach University of Mount Olive shares how relationships are the key to getting the best from your players

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Should we be prescribing pre-shot pre-anything routines? I ask and provide some hypothetical responses to the questions. #madeyouthink?

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Evan Ruechel Assistant Softball Coach ant UNCW shares his passion for helping players find their swing

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Is your past success a good template for future success?

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Nadia Jefferies Head Coach Shaw University Softball shares how the little things make the biggest difference to your success

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Would you consider yourself a demanding coach or not? Either way this podcast will give you something to think about when it comes to how you see yourself as a coach

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Joshua Bloomer Duke University Assistant Softball Coach and former Kentucky State Championship Winning Softball Head Coach shares his vast knowledge of hitting and coaching from over 16 years in softball

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Joshua Bloomer Duke University Assistant Softball Coach and former Kentucky State Championship Winning Softball Head Coach shares his vast knowledge of hitting and coaching from over 16 years in softball

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So you think you need to put in extra work to be the best? Really, maybe yes maybe no listen to find out more.

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I share a Sioux legend that points us in the direction of what we're looking for, for ourselves and our players

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Fear of ___ keep me and you from taking action. My thoughts around Fear of ____ and how it will help my players.

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I struggle, you struggle, our players and those we coach struggle. What is the source of our struggles? Will we ever leave our struggles behind?

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To all who lost someone, I hope you have found some peace

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How do you look at you players, those you coach? Do you see a fixed set or potential. Do you coach them accordingly?

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We all make decision, some big some small and some we have no idea the effect they will have on us. How do you make decisions for your team?

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Do you walk thru your coaching time the same way you walk thru your home time? Are you coaching from who you are or what you think you're supposed to be?

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Is it possible to be successful without stress? What is this stress, we are supposed to feel on our way to success?

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We ask our players to "be coachable" but what are we really asking them to do?

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Jon S Rennie Leadership Expert, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author and former Cold War submarine officer shares how leadership is a people business

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Instead of telling your players how to execute a skill have you ever given them time to try to figure it out for themselves? I explore this possibility

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Heather Macy Head Women's Basketball Coach at Spartanburg Methodist College and Author shares her journey from worrying about importance to impact

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Practice is to improve our abilities not prove them. How do you conduct practice?

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Bryan Eisenberg Professional Optimizer, Author, Coach and Mentor to 2,300+ Companies, and Data Driven Sports Dad shares how data helps us improve as individuals in sports and business

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When you read a book, take a course, go to a clinic, what is the underlying motivation for your actions?

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What is RESPECT? Do you, your coaches, players, parents, etc. respect others? A few thoughts after reflecting on an un-respectful fan

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We hear all the time how we are supposed to be positive to succeed. Is this true?

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How do you try to pass your knowledge along to your players? A few suggestions

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I look at goals, my struggle with them and explore if they are something we should use.

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Is this a term you use in your program, why? Should you? Do you look at the whole equation?

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Books have been a huge part in my journey. Learn the what, how and why I continue to "read"

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Communication is key to success. How well do you listen? How do you listen?

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Want to #getBETTER? Are you willing to be wrong? What beliefs do you hold to be true?

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Do you build relationships with your players, fellow coaches, administration etc.? What kind of relationships do you have? Listen for more

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How does how we react to mistakes effect our players improvement?

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Dr Werner has spent many years playing, coaching, and training softball players and other sports. Dr Werner shares her medically and scientifically based knowledge to help us become better coaches

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Are you a coach/leader who's biggest fear is leading your players/followers in the wrong direction? This podcast might be for you

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What does your player/employee need to be a star in their role?

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Why do we follow military leadership styles? Are they the correct choice?

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We all want to get better. What is a huge factor in keeping us where we are, our beliefs. A few thoughts on beliefs

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Do you build relationships with your players or just expect them to follow because your the "Coach"?

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When you look at a player, another coach, employee, What do you see? Do they have IT? Can they get there or are they incapable?

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Technique is only one piece to the puzzle are you coaching the entire process?

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Dr Werner has spent many years playing, coaching, and training softball players and other sports. Dr Werner shares her medically and scientifically based knowledge to help us become better coaches

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Do you coach from a preconceived idea of what a player should be, how something should look? A podcast to make you think

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What makes a good practice? Who is it for? How do you know if your practice was a success? I’ll point you to some of the answers and let you discover more on you own in this podcast.

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Many of us Coaches teach skill only one way, forgetting who we’re teaching it too. How do you teach skill? Who are you teaching it for?

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Mental Toughness is a topic few really understand, If you want your player/ employees to be mentally tough, take 10 minutes to listen to this podcast.

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There will inevitably be conflict within a coaching staff. How should we handle it? What are the best practices to help resolve a conflict? A podcast to provide some insight

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Failure is a Concept. The fear of this concept that we create keep us from even starting sometimes. Listen for more, and hope you have some INsight from listening

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Konner Beste Student Manager for South Dakota State University Men’s and Women’s basketball teams shares the impact he hopes to make as he takes off on his basketball coaching journey

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I go thru some examples of studies and other information that a lot of us hang our hats on when coaching. Are they worth us using them? What else should we be questioning?

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What are you telling you player when you use the word protect and the're in the batters box? What are they protecting? How bad is a strikeout?

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Which should we rely on more? Which is better to help us teach our players? Which do you look to? My thoughts and some additional INsights

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I tell a story from the past season of coaching, Hope it helps you as a coach get better

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If you agree or disagree with how Tom Izzo coached his player in the NCAA tournament, please take the 10 minutes to listen and then comment on this podcast

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I go back, way back before the podcast and talk about how it came to be, what inspired me to create the podcast and some of my biggest takeaways so far.

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Mark Slessinger Head Basketball Coach University of New Orleans shares his insight into his coaching ministry

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There is a common misconception that circumstances can make you feel something one way or another. A dive into this perpetuated untruth

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Ekpe Udoh Professional Basketball Player and Book Club Leader shares a player's insight into coaching and his love of books

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Its time to stop looking outside yourself for “it" and start to realize what your looking for your looking with. Listen for more INsight

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Interested to find out more and where you are, listen to this short podcast

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Kevin Sutton Assistant Coach Men’s Basketball at the University of Rhode Island and I discuss Change, choosing to make a change and having change handed to you. We also share some more coaching nuggets you may find helpful

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What is Body Language? What power does it hold? Should we be concerned with it? I dive into these questions and more.

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Dave Shore Founder of Shore Sports Media and previous Broadcaster for Several Pro and College Teams shares his insight from getting to observe some of the best in coaching 

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Next Play, in the game and beyond. Are you truly congruent with this statement? Listen to dive deeper

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A discussion of body language from two different perspectives to learn and gain a better understanding

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Confidence, What is it? Do we need it to succeed? A response to a listener question about his son

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Rich Hudson Managing Director Buckinghamshire Cricket, Author: Pressure Myth, Cricket Coach, Performance Psychology Consultant shares his insights into coaching and performance from the inside out paradigm

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By telling our player, those we lead, that they need to be mentally tough to succeed, we are actually taking away the qualities from them and pointing them in the wrong direction. Listen to learn more

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Ian Goldberg Co-Founder and CEO at iSport360, Youth Coach and Sports Parent shares how if we as coaches will communicate with parents more it will help us.

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