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Failure is a Concept. The fear of this concept that we create keep us from even starting sometimes. Listen for more, and hope you have some INsight from listening

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Konner Beste Student Manager for South Dakota State University Men’s and Women’s basketball teams shares the impact he hopes to make as he takes off on his basketball coaching journey

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I go thru some examples of studies and other information that a lot of us hang our hats on when coaching. Are they worth us using them? What else should we be questioning?

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What are you telling you player when you use the word protect and the're in the batters box? What are they protecting? How bad is a strikeout?

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Which should we rely on more? Which is better to help us teach our players? Which do you look to? My thoughts and some additional INsights

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I tell a story from the past season of coaching, Hope it helps you as a coach get better

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