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Technique is only one piece to the puzzle are you coaching the entire process?

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Dr Werner has spent many years playing, coaching, and training softball players and other sports. Dr Werner shares her medically and scientifically based knowledge to help us become better coaches

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Do you coach from a preconceived idea of what a player should be, how something should look? A podcast to make you think

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What makes a good practice? Who is it for? How do you know if your practice was a success? I’ll point you to some of the answers and let you discover more on you own in this podcast.

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Many of us Coaches teach skill only one way, forgetting who we’re teaching it too. How do you teach skill? Who are you teaching it for?

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Mental Toughness is a topic few really understand, If you want your player/ employees to be mentally tough, take 10 minutes to listen to this podcast.

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There will inevitably be conflict within a coaching staff. How should we handle it? What are the best practices to help resolve a conflict? A podcast to provide some insight

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