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How does how we react to mistakes effect our players improvement?

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Dr Werner has spent many years playing, coaching, and training softball players and other sports. Dr Werner shares her medically and scientifically based knowledge to help us become better coaches

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Are you a coach/leader who's biggest fear is leading your players/followers in the wrong direction? This podcast might be for you

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What does your player/employee need to be a star in their role?

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Why do we follow military leadership styles? Are they the correct choice?

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We all want to get better. What is a huge factor in keeping us where we are, our beliefs. A few thoughts on beliefs

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Do you build relationships with your players or just expect them to follow because your the "Coach"?

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When you look at a player, another coach, employee, What do you see? Do they have IT? Can they get there or are they incapable?

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