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What is RESPECT? Do you, your coaches, players, parents, etc. respect others? A few thoughts after reflecting on an un-respectful fan

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We hear all the time how we are supposed to be positive to succeed. Is this true?

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How do you try to pass your knowledge along to your players? A few suggestions

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I look at goals, my struggle with them and explore if they are something we should use.

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Is this a term you use in your program, why? Should you? Do you look at the whole equation?

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Books have been a huge part in my journey. Learn the what, how and why I continue to "read"

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Communication is key to success. How well do you listen? How do you listen?

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Want to #getBETTER? Are you willing to be wrong? What beliefs do you hold to be true?

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Do you build relationships with your players, fellow coaches, administration etc.? What kind of relationships do you have? Listen for more

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