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Bill Burniston Head Strength Coach Carolina Hurricanes shares his experiences over the last 5 years since episode #5

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We have a model of what we think we are and what we aspire to become, are either correct? Where does this originate?

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A short podcast discussing past success and its effect on your current team. Can it be recreated? How do the past factors effect today?

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We all want to be masters, yet sometimes we don't see others possibilities or our own. a few thoughts on KungFu Panda and coaches

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How you coach leads can have an impact on your players. Are you real or are you filling a role? 

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Where are you looking to help your team be the most successful? Schedule a call if you want to explore it from a different view. https://calendly.com/jasonhoates/20-min-coaching-session

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Help me get to 1000 coaching session in the next 500 days. It will only cost you 20 minutes. Thanks in advance https://calendly.com/jasonhoates/20-min-coaching-session

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