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Life long learning is a big part of our success and some of us are doing it wrong. Listen to find out how to improve your results from your learning.

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Is there something incomplete from 2019? Is there something you want to accomplish in 2020? I can help you get there if that is truly where you should go. Lets have a conversation. Let me share the knowledge I have gained from all the amazing people i have interviewed. 

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I take a look at the origin of different sport and the meanings that have been placed on sport

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Everyone talks about how culture is the key to a winning team, I dive into why I think connection is even more important

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How do your beliefs affect your experience of life? If you want different results what should we do with our beliefs? 

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Depending on what perspective you have will dictate what you understand the author to mean from this poem. I explore the outside in and INside out perspectives.

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