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With the racism that continues in this country it is time for us a coach to teach oneness. Stop labeling others except as humans.

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There are many things I am thankful for in this different time, especially you.

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Connection is the key to communication, learn more on this Whistle and a Clipboard episode.

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Do you have a one size fits all approach to coaching your players?

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How can we lead our players and parent in these turbulent times? i share a few of my thoughts.

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Jon Rennie and I discuss leadership during these unprecedented times

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I discuss the personal development myth and how to move on.

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Is the traditional thought, you can't be friends with your players, correct?

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Are you choosing to fail? Are you choosing success? What is either? 

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Dan Tudor and I discuss recruiting from my point of view as a dad, travel ball coach, and former high school basketball coach, with players and children looking to play after highschool

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With the volatility of todays ever changing world the only place we can and do live is right now. I dive deeper into this.

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I was asked a question during the Virtual Basketball Coaches Clinic about his video and wanted to provide a longer response and a deeper dive into what I believe to be true about body language and how we as coaches should use it 

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I've been on hiatus due to jury duty but I've missed the podcast. I'll be arranging more interviews shortly now that i know i will not be going back to jury duty for a while. Also, check out the free online clinic ill be speaking at March 24 1pm EST Virtual Basketball Coaches Clinic

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We are told to control our thoughts, think positive, etc, is it actually possible? 

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Is what you believe about yourself holding you back? Is it true? I explore this

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My answer to helping player move past the mistake performance pitfall 

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Want to increase your performance, Take a listen you may never know.

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I take a look at goals and share some of my recent INsights into how I determine if I should have a goal or not.

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I take a fresh look at failure, what is it really and how can we use it moving forward

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Is there something deeper, better than a ritual, that can lead to more success with less effort? Listen to find out

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Should we prescribe them to our players or those we lead, coach, and/or teach?

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I saw a statistic the said only 19% of people who set new years resolutions are still sticking with them after a month? Are they something we should be doing? What makes them worth while?

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